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“How do you protect your life's achievements and prepare your children for the responsibility of wealth?”

Wealth planning is more than just growing your wealth. It is about the people who matter the most to you, your family, and preparing them for the significant wealth you have dedicated your life to create. Without planning, the wealth you have built will diminish over your lifetime and be completely depleted by the generations that follow.

Why A Trust?

It is not uncommon to hear families describing their wealth as the result of the hard work of one or more family members, making it very important to create a framework to lay the grounds for comprehensive wealth. It is the hope of every affluent family to take any opportunity to prepare their next generation to be responsible stewards of both family wealth and the family legacy.

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Estate Planning

In essence, estate planning involves ascertaining how an individual’s assets will be preserved, managed, and distributed after his or her demise. It also takes into account the management of an individual’s properties and financial obligations in the event of being incapacitated. For the affluent families, we understand that estate planning encompasses more than just financial capital and monetary value. It should reflect your philosophy towards your wealth, your goals, and your objectives. Ultimately, you will want to bring purpose to your wealth. You will find that the challenges of managing your own and your family’s wealth never stops, with the new addition of each generation renewing the cycle and passing on the responsibility. Here in UBB Private, we aim to help you engage a richer and more considerate view to take on these challenges and provide you with a broad range of estate planning needs.

Tax Planning

You have to be mindful of tax implications, especially if you have investments and assets overseas, such as, property or shares. This will also be relevant if you have family members residing abroad. Advance planning will help you to mitigate these complex and potentially costly tax implications efficiently.

Succession Planning

Preparing children to handle the family wealth is a complex process that every family faces. Through our succession planning services, we can help you to determine who will benefit from your estate. As well as, when, how, and in what proportion.

We will help you:

  • Plan for unforeseen eventualities, such as, an incapacity in the family.
  • To identify which individual or company you may want to appoint to take up the tasks
  • Make sure your family has sufficient funds to meet financial obligations, such as, estate and inheritance taxes.

If you have a family business, you may want to start planning early to ensure there is continuity in your family's legacy. Achieving this requires a shared sense of purpose and vision among all family members. This is an opportunity to instill in the successors an understanding of your family's wealth and values so that they can become responsible stewards of your family's legacy and objectives.

The family business transition process includes proper management, governance, and ownership to the next generation. In some cases, it may involve selling the business to a third party. Either way, it will require detailed planning to ensure a smooth transition of wealth while preserving your family's financial stability and confidentiality.


You may wish to create a legacy of philanthropy by pursuing social causes, predominantly and closely aligned to your family's values and which matter most to you. You may have charitable projects you are already involved with, or the intention to bequeath money in your will, or maybe you wish to undertake an ambitious goal but you are unsure how to. Whatever the case, we will support you to help realize your vision and create the social impact you are seeking to create now and in the future.

Lifestyle Trust

Affluent individuals and families have needs that are sui generis. We will help you put in place a framework to cater to your family's unique needs and desires. Whether it be a luxurious family vacation, funding to nurture specific passions, such as fine art, fashion, entrepreneurship, we are there to help you. The lifestyle trust will be constructed to meet your needs and in accordance with your wishes.

Family Office

Primarily, the Family Office is responsible for the management of your family’s financial assets while you still maintain a close degree of governance and control. The Family Office involves entrusting activities concerning the wealth and affairs of your family to certain people. This may be to specific family members or to a group of professionals outside your family. These professionals may be hired or accessed through the use of an external service provider. The approach and development of your Family Office requires careful, prudent planning.

The Family Office supports a family with the organization, administration, management, and maintenance of their wealth. Depending on your needs, the family office’s responsibilities can expand to include other services to your family members.

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