Corporate Trust Services

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Make use of our unbiased, jurisdictional expertise, as well as our innovative, diverse, and collaborative approach, to ensure the success of your business endeavours. Make an appointment with one of our experienced professionals to create a customized trust for your organization's specific needs.

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Corporate & Institutional Trust Services

Providing trust services for organisations over decades.

Scheme Administration

Regulated under the Interest Scheme Act 2016, to ensure the rights of interest holders are not prejudiced, to administer the scheme’s trust account and ensuring schemes are in full regulatory compliance.

Escrow Services

A legal concept describing a financial instrument whereby monies, properties, securities, funds, and other forms of assets are held by a Trustee on behalf of two other parties that are in process of completing their respective contractual arrangements. The trustee will safeguard those assets pending the completion of the said transaction.

Custodian Services

The Trustee will hold and safekeep the clients’ assets in order to minimise the potential risk of misappropriation, misuse, theft and/or loss.

Employee Share Scheme

To act as the Trustee for Employee’s Share Scheme as guided by the Bylaws of the ESS Securitisation Transaction.


The Trustee will hold the monies paid by users in a trust account and ensure the monies are used for either payments to the merchants or refund it to the users in accordance with the terms of the transaction.

Charitable Trust and Foundation

The Trustee will act as a fiduciary in overseeing and monitoring the foundation to ensure the objectives of the Donor are realised.

Securitisation Transaction

Navigate structured funding

Retirement village

Safeguard the occupational rights and funds of residents

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