Insurance Trust 

What Is UBB Insurance Trust?

The UBB Insurance Trust is a legal arrangement whereby you assign your life insurance policy to UBB Amanah Berhad, as the Trustee of your Trust. Upon the triggering events, such as incapacity, coma or death, UBB will proceed to claim the insurance monies and then safeguard, manage and distribute it to your named trust beneficiaries over a period of time all in accordance to your wishes as laid down in the Trust Deed.

3-Generational Wealth Preservation And Creation Thru UBB Insurance Trust

You too can leave a financial legacy for your own children… and their children….. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? The UBB Insurance Trust will protect and preserve your nest egg, ie your insurance monies, so that it will create another pot of wealth for your children and their children to live off, in the most financially effective manner.

Why UBB Insurance Trust?

Today, when you take up a life insurance, literally it means that in the event of your premature death, your family will, to a certain extent, rely on the insurance monies to meet certain obligations and expenses. That means, the insurance monies are just so important. Because it is so important, therefore, we need to Ring Fence the insurance fund to protect it from potential risks. The RING FENCE is the UBB INSURANCE TRUST and the potential risks are the risks associated with the insurance nomination.

UBB INSURANCE TRUST can help you to deal effectively on:

  • ZIncapacity planning
  • ZPotential risks on one lump sum to the insurance nominees
  • ZCreditors and bankruptcies issues and divorce claims of beneficiaries
  • ZSpendthrift children
  • ZMinors
  • ZSpecial Needs dependents

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