Process of Administration

It is not easy dealing with paperwork and meeting officials on asset transfer and debts during the absence of a loved one. At UBB Amanah, we take care of the documentation for you. By planning ahead, we can advise you on the best methods of minimising tax burdens and ensuring a smooth distribution of assets. UBB Amanah also specialises in Syariah compliant trust and wills catering to the need of individuals and institutions that may require such service of advice.

We have reputable board members and many advisors specialising in estate and succession planning. Our team has vast experience and connections which will help smooth out the process for you and your family. 

UBB Amanah has more than three decades of experience and has been trusted ever since. We’ve got your back. Here’s how it works:. 

Upon the receipt of Donor's death certificate


UBB Officer Will Extract the Will


Provide Instruction to a legal firm to obtain grant of probate


Ascertain all the estate Assets and liabilities


Settle All The Debts



Executorship & Administration

Administrating an estate an dealing with legal procedures can be stressful for those ill-equipped for the job. We will make sure all the correct procedures and processes are followed, providing peace of mind to your beneficiaries.

Estate Management

Whether you are concerned about out-standing taxes or settling matters with debtors, we will take on the details so your estate can be settled and distributed effectively.

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