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UBB Amanah Berhad is moving to a new and improve facilities to serve you better. Please be informed, From 11 December 2018 to 18 December 2018 our telephone lines will be interrupted due to moving process. Any inquiries kindly contact us at


Cheers to the New Year 2019! and Wishing you all a Happy Holiday season from UBB Amanah Berhad, Management and Team.


12.October.2018 We do not have any association with any offshore company in Labuan. We are however in the midst of incorporating our own offshore company in Labuan to serve our overseas client better.

Malaysian Bar President George Varughese goes on BFM

One of the Board of Directors of UBB Amanah Berhad goes live on BFM. Objection, Your Honor The newly-elected Malaysian Bar President George Varughese spoke about the role of the Malaysian Bar in contributing to public discourse and the progress he has made on the...

Interest scheme could be alternative funding source for SMEs

KUALA LUMPUR: Interest scheme could serve as an alternative source of business funding for the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) under the new Interest Scheme Act 2016, says the Companies Commission of Malaysia. Chief executive officer Datuk Zahrah Abd Wahab Fenner...

Build a Lasting Legacy by Setting Up Your Successors for Success

Succession Planning Succession planning is about devising a strategy to ensure that the owner’s assets passes on to the right people at the right time, and that the right controls are in place when that happens. Planning Timelines Clear timelines for succession are...

The “LAW” Philosophy

Legacy Protection UBB Amanah is committed to assisting clients with protecting their legacy by establishing their estate planning goals, creating a lasting legacy that will help ease the burden on their loved ones when they need it the most. Asset Protection Protect...

Sarawakians still unaware of the importance of wills

You can perhaps go without that expensive winter edition bag, or those high-end shoes, or the sleek smartphone. Nothing is really going to happen if you do not own them. But, there are some important purchases in life, which you shouldn’t go without. Without them, you...

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